Introduction to Amani Organogram Model:

Within the Amani Girls Organization (AGO), the organizational structure is visually depicted through the Amani Organogram model, detailed further in the “Management and Governance” section above. This diagram serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding the hierarchy and relationships within AGO.

Key elements of our Organogram include GM (General Meeting), BOD (Board of Directors), OC (Organization Chairperson), IMC (Internal Management Committee), DPO (Director of Programs & Operations), DOF (Director of Finance), PDM (Program Development Manager), LM (Liaison Manager), HRM (Human Resource Manager), AM (Accountant Manager), FCDD (Family and Community Development Department), IECDD (Integrated Early Childhood Development Department), MERLD (Monitoring Evaluation Research and Learning Department), ICOMD (Information and Communication Department), and AGYWD (Adolescent Girls and Young Women Department).

Additionally, Intervention Officers (IOs) play a crucial role in our organizational framework. The Amani Organogram is designed to provide a comprehensive overview, offering insights into the intricate network of responsibilities and collaborations that contribute to AGO’s mission. Explore the details above for a deeper understanding of our organizational structure and the individuals and departments that drive the initiatives of the Amani Girls Organization.